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Cassidy. Writer, yogi, health food enthusiast, and signed model. 18, homeschooled high-school senior, Texan with half of a heart belonging to Destin, Florida. Diagnosed with but not defined by Lyme Disease. In love with cold weather and the rain, almost as much as foggy mornings spent on the beach. A night owl constantly trying to be an early bird. Hopeless romantic in love with the idea of love.

 in Siberia.

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

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Sickeningly cute “”“”couple picture”“”“. @duckdrawsthings#canthisbemymancrushmondayonsunday
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sleeping in your boyfriend’s arms has got to be the safest and most comfortable place in this world

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If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

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I take the L and R on my headphones seriously.

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Last night was super interesting. Duck and his friend and I went to meet up with Duck’s sister at the pub (he texted her to ask her about something and she pressed us to come have a drink with her so she could be big sister-y and have realtalks). We were only going to stay for one beer (water, in my case…), but somehow ended staying from 11 till 4:30. Duckey and his sister had really good realtalks (which Taters [I will explain that nickname at a later time…]) and I got to join in on bc 1) Taters is like family to Duck, 2) everything being discussed had already been talked about in-depth with Duck and I previously). I don’t really want to go into too much detail, because it’s so not my place to put his stuff out there on the internet, but I’ll just say that I’m super proud of Duckey for reaching out to his sister and not letting everything that’s been overwhelming him bury him and taking it just one thing at a time and just. I’m really proud of him for taking a step in the right direction.

After all of the realtalks were done, we had fun. Taters and I got to have a really nice conversation while away from Duck and Kristen/while we were hanging by the bar. He got to tell me about his girlfriend, Lacey, who I’ll be meeting at the band’s kickoff show in November. I know she’s 18 as well (which is a cool parallel I think, since Taters is 21 like Duck, so we’re both 18yr olds dating 21yr olds), though she doesn’t live in Fort Worth, is a few hours away at college. From what I’ve heard, she sounds really cool/sweet though, and if she and Taters have been together for 2+ years, she must be really great.

I also got to know Kristen a whole lot better. This was only my second time hanging out with her, and the first was only very briefly when I went to lunch with Duck’s whole fam. She’s a whole 10 years older than Duck (13 than me), but when you’re hanging out with her, you totally forget, she’s just so great. It’s so hilarious to see her and Duck interacting, they have such a funny dynamic. I think she really likes me, too, which is fantastic. Idk, she and Duck are just so close, so I’m so glad that we get along well (better than well, we were cracking each other up all night).

I ended up having two glasses of wine (courtesy of Kristen)(very quickly chugged 10min before leaving to go outside), which of course went straight to my head/got me very intoxicated very quick. Kristen ended up staying inside for a bit talking things out with an old friend that she ran into/had previously had some sort of beef with, while Duck and Taters and I chilled outside and sobered up enough to drive. Taters headed home, and Duck and I just hung out on the hood of his car and looked at the stars and had really nice realtalks. I ended up giving him something I’d written earlier in the day (I was planning on saving it for our two-month anniversary, but I couldn’t wait any longer), and his reaction was just. Wonderful, amazing…I can’t find a word that doesn’t sound like an understatement. I do want to post it here in a few days when I have the final draft, though.

Anyhow, the alcohol hit Duck after a bit and sort of caught him off-guard, so we decided to leave his car there and get a ride with his sister/her husband. There was more fun had in the car, of course. like I said, his sister is just awesome, she really is. By the time we got back to my house, it was nearly 5. We made a giant bowl of ramen, ate + watched Castle, and then snuggled up and went to sleep on the couch (it’s actually been more than a full week since we’ve slept apart/not spent every night at my house sleeping together on the couch…). And my God, is there a more wonderful feeling? I’m not even going to go I to it now, because I know how much I could ramble about it. There is just…nothing better than falling asleep with his arm wrapped around me, feeling his breath on my shoulder, feeling his pulse in his fingers. And then waking up to him giving me cheek and/or forehead kisses and calling me sweetheart…just the best. The absolute best.

I ended up somehow taking a 7 hour nap today, but after waking up feeling so good, I know I needed it. Getting ready to shower, get dressed, and meet Duck, Taters, Jesse, and possibly another friend at Duck’s apartment for a movie night + breaking in of his and Eric’s (his roommate) new couches.

Just very happy and loving life and just. Life is so fucking good right now.

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