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Cassidy. Writer, yogi, health food enthusiast, and signed model. 18, homeschooled high-school senior, Texan with half of a heart belonging to Destin, Florida. Diagnosed with but not defined by Lyme Disease. In love with cold weather and the rain, almost as much as foggy mornings spent on the beach. A night owl constantly trying to be an early bird. Hopeless romantic in love with the idea of love.

 in Siberia.

I woke up on the couch next to my boyfriend and it was wonderful. we went and got takeout Chinese food in our pajamas (well, I was in pajamas, he was in clothes from yesterday) and it was wonderful. my dad loves my boyfriend almost as much as my mom does, and that’s wonderful.

the last 24 hours have been wonderful.

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also i don’t think i ever posted that my boyfriend’s name is duck

it’s a nickname that’s a name

it’s a thing

acccept it

i’m drunk

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so duck and i are just like casually chilling at my house w my parents and drinking and just like he’s bonding with them and stuff and like my mom just invites him to crash on the couch? like. my boyfriend is staying the night. my mom invited my boyfriend to stay the night? my boyfriend is staying the night? like how is that a thing???

also apologies for typos bc like



al co hol

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I don’t mind.
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An amazing night last night in downtown Fort Worth with @duckdrawsthings. @nothalfbadmusic and @perditiontx live. Amazing. #personal#music#tagsforlikes#fridaynights#nothalfbad#perdition
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Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.

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had an absolutely amazing night.
met up with the babe last-minute to go to a show at a local bar. saw Not Half Bad for the second time in two weeks (or is it one week? I think it may be), and saw Perdition. Got to hang out and socialize with everyone from the bands, since bf is really good friends with them all, and it was a blast. Bf and I spent part of the night working the merch table for NHB, which was actually pretty fun. Made a lot of new acquaintances and friends (holy shit, just, the guys from NHB are all just so fun and hilarious and great) and got some excellent band tshirts to document the night and took lots of photos. got an especially great pic of the bf (along with about half the crowd) when Perdition invited everyone onstage to share the mics and help sing.

lots and lots and lots of fun. had nice car talks with bf and just had an all-around great night. hopefully seeing him again tomorrow.

ALSO. we were talking and trying to figure out how long we’d been ~officially~ together, and as it turns out, our 1-month anniversary is coming up on the 8th. it seems so soon, my god, it feels like we just met. this has all been such a fast-paced whirlwind…it’s just been amazing. just amazing, and I’m so excited.

and also. butterflies in the stomach over how we always say goodnight when he drops me off at home. he usually parks in front of my house, and we roll down the windows and turn off the car and leave the radio on with a cd in (this last week has been one of Coheed and Cambria, as well as Airborne Toxic Event). He stays for one cigarette (at the very least; when that’s all the time he has. earlier this week, we stayed talking in the car for over 2 and a half hours), and we usually hold hands and have deep talks. after a few very meaningful kisses, I get out my house keys and open the car door and put one foot out. we squeeze each other’s hands and I’ll say ‘I really care for you’, and then he’ll say it back (sometimes he says it first). then I go up to let myself inside, and he waits to leave until he knows I’m in. idk, it’s just sweet. I feel like saying ‘I care for you’ is our way of saying, well, that we care for each other. more than like, less than love. just…a strong fondness.

anyhow. exhausted, so I’m headed off to bed. I love you guys. will post more soon.

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Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of thunder. My life is a storm.

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bf fell asleep listening to music and now I’m just like
in his apartment. awake while he’s sleeping. sort of brings up old issues. meh.

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(this is from last night and it was 10x worse when I woke up this morning)
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