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Cassidy. Writer, yogi, health food enthusiast, and signed model. 18, homeschooled high-school senior, Texan with half of a heart belonging to Destin, Florida. Diagnosed with but not defined by Lyme Disease. In love with cold weather and the rain, almost as much as foggy mornings spent on the beach. A night owl constantly trying to be an early bird. Hopeless romantic in love with the idea of love.

 in Siberia.

Would you like to know your future?

If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator.

So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence — a surprise.

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do you ever daydream of dressing boys in better clothes

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Intimacy is not who you let touch you. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

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person: how long does it take to get there?
me: 3 songs
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