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Cassidy. Writer, yogi, health food enthusiast, and signed model. 18, homeschooled high-school senior, Texan with half of a heart belonging to Destin, Florida. Diagnosed with but not defined by Lyme Disease. In love with cold weather and the rain, almost as much as foggy mornings spent on the beach. A night owl constantly trying to be an early bird. Hopeless romantic in love with the idea of love.

 in Siberia.

Outfit from Saturday, horray 👐🎉 #me#outfit#ootd#f21#forever21#vintage#fashion#model#f4f#tagsforlikes
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my dad’s walking around the house emptying the trashcans and whatnot but the cats are following him around and he’s talking to them in a Sarah Palin accent
I love you, Dad. You never fail to make me laugh, whether you realize you’re doing so or not.
‘Little Boswell cat, you see me emptying this trashcan? Yeah you do, you betcha!’

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Okay girl I totally get that= block him. Or turn off your phone. DO NOT let him ruin your day. You don’t deserve to feel like crap I’m serious if he hurts you I will throw poop at him I got chu back

<3 thank you girlie <33 and I don’t plan on letting him ruin my day. I’m going to get some work done & enjoy spending time in the living room with family & embrace my good mood. not letting him drag me down. And it goes both ways, girlie. I gotchu too, I got your back. No boys will be allowed to hurt Claire or Cassidy

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meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

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I so want to, but it’s just like. It turns into this whole tiring argument and I honestly just don’t have it in me today. 

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Boy just texted me


please don’t start all of this again

i just want to be friends please i’m so tired of arguing with you

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Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

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